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The Bothell clinic is closed due to water damage. All patients will be seen by their physicians at our Totem Lake clinic.

EvergreenHealth Update

Lakeshore Clinic is now part of EvergreenHealth!

Lakeshore Clinic is very pleased to now be part of EvergreenHealth and its extended network of specialists and nationally recognized for excellence in delivery health care.   

We hope these FAQs will address any questions you may have about our integration with EvergreenHealth.  

Should you have any other questions about this change, we invite you to contact us at 425.899.1655 or email us at

How will things change for me?
We will continue to practice and serve you in the many ways that you have come to trust from us. Our intent is to ensure your patient experience remains much the same, from being greeted by the smiling faces you are used to at the front desk to receiving care from the medical assistants you are familiar with.

You will benefit from improved coordination of care and services.

Will your name change?
Yes, we will change our names to EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Lakeshore Totem Lake and EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Lakeshore Bothell. 

Will your phone or fax numbers change?
No, our numbers will not change. 

Will my physician change?
No. You will be able to keep the relationship with your current physician. 

Will any of the other staff members – i.e. receptionists, MA’s – that I am familiar with change?
No, we do not think so. Part of our agreement included assuring all employees were offered a position from EvergreenHealth at their current location.

How do I schedule an appointment?
You will continue to make appointments as you always have, as our front office staff will still handle all scheduling for us. 

Will I see my physician in the same location?
Yes, we do not anticipate that our current physicians or employees will work in different practices or locations. 

Will you move or close this location?
No, we do not have any plans to relocate or close either of our practices or our business office. 

Will your hours or schedules change?
No, we don’t anticipate any changes to clinic hours and schedules. 

Will you still accept my insurance?
Yes, we do not anticipate any changes to our access policies at this time. 

Will you accept any new insurance plans?
We do not anticipate any changes to our access policies at this time, which means we still accept the coverage/plans listed on our website.

If you wish to find a primary care provider that accepts your insurance plan, we invite you to call EvergreenHealth’s Healthline at 425.899.3000. The Healthline's nurse navigators will give you  personalized assistance to find a provider. 

Will your electronic medical record change? Will you still have my medical records? 
While we may eventually move our systems over to EvergreenHealth’s, for the time being your electronic medical record will remain the same, with Lakeshore Clinic. 

Will your patient portal or my patient portal access change? 
Not immediately. Your medical record will remain with us and your portal access will remain the same.

While we may eventually move our systems over to EvergreenHealth’s, for the time being they will remain the same. 

Will you still have lab and x-ray onsite?

Will my care be the same?
Yes. We don’t anticipate any changes to the care and service that you have come to know and trust.

While we are integrating with EvergreenHealth, we will also be sharing our culture with them. Our missions are closely aligned and we are both committed to “advancing the health of the community through dedication to high-quality, safe, compassionate and cost-effective care.” 

Will I get charged more for care?
Our contracts with insurance providers will change. As a result, there is always the chance that your individual insurance provider or coverage could change. This may or may not result in increased cost for you. 

Will your billing practices changes?
Our current billing office and staff will continue to manage the billing process for us. Your bills, starting in February 2017, will reflect our new EvergreenHealth name, but otherwise should remain fairly similar. 

Will your email addresses change?
We will eventually move to email addresses, but we will make arrangements to ensure forwarding is in place for our previous email addresses and we will notify you when that occurs. 

Do I have to go to EvergreenHealth now for things like tests, specialty care or hospitalization?
No, you may still independently choose where you go for care and we will be happy to coordinate your choices. If you do choose EvergreenHealth, we will be able to provide you with the highest level of coordinated care and access, but we invite you to make the choices that are best and most convenient for you. 

You should also consult your insurance provider to see where your plan offers the best coverage.

Why did Lakeshore join EvergreenHealth?
The demands on independent practices continue to grow. Investments in technology outpace what we are able to generate in revenue and as we provide the same level of care, we are getting paid less.

These demands on our technology and regulatory requirements, lower reimbursement and a higher cost for the care make it ever challenging to deliver the same level of care, while paying our staff and physicians competitively. We were presented with the opportunity to sustain our practices and join an award-winning health system.

Joining EvergreenHealth should bolster our financial strength, preserve our legacy and allow us to continue to provide trusted care to our patients.

What are the benefits of joining EvergreenHealth? 
Patients and our community will benefit from improved access, coordination of care, service and value.

Physicians will benefit from even deeper coordination of quality programs, facilitated sharing of safety, service and quality and best practices. 

Employees will continue to be part of a trusted health care organization, with a strong history and bright future, while maintaining their jobs and having access to enhanced training, development and advancement opportunities as employees of a larger organization.

Our organizations and employees will benefit from the sharing of best practices, operational efficiencies, enhanced economies of scale to manage risk, and bolstering our organizations’ position as the Eastside’s preferred health care providers. 

Is EvergreenHealth financially stable? 
Yes. They operate at a relatively low margin, intentionally, and they are financially stable and conservative. They have continually re-invested profits back into the organization through thoughtful expansion and capital improvements. They have adequate cash on hand, strong bond ratings and all other positive financial health indicators.

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